Latest Passers: NOVEMBER 2017

Hers's the happy Passers so far for November.

Lucy Fawcett-Feely

It was a fantastic Pass for Lucy of Idle on 8th November 2017 at Thornbury Test Centre. Very few minor faults and a very strong drive! 


Well Done !

Olivia Belcher

What can I say, Olivia from Idle got a superb First Time pass with very few Minor faults at Thornbury Test Centre on 9th November 2017.


Excellent result !


Jess Swift

It's another FISRT TIME PASS!


Jess Swift of Idle passed at Thornbury Test Centre on 16th November 2017.


Not many driver faults recorded, and a fantastic result!

Passers July-October 2017

Heres some happy passers 

Lee Edmondson

Lee Edmondson of Woodside passed on 21/9/17 at Thornbury Test Centre

Mel Glendinning

Mel Glendinning of Idle passed on 6/9/17 at Thornbury Test Centre

Becky Daniel

Becky Daniel of Eccleshill passed on 23/8/17 at Thornbury Test Centre

Alex Laverick

Alex Laverick of Eccleshill passed 17/7/17 at Thornbury Test Centre

 Kirsty McDonald


Kirsty McDonald of Clayton passed First Time on 16/8/17 at Heaton Test Centre

Amelia Will

Amelia Will of Eccleshill passed 15/8/17 at Thornbury Test Centre

Jack Bedford

Jack Bedford or Wrose - Passed First Time 6/7/17

Olivia Bedford

Olivia Bedford (Jack's Twin Sister !) passed first time 23/7/17

Kyle Eklid

Kyle Eklid of Greengates passed First Time       31/7/17

The BIG Passers Gallery !

It's all about YOU, and and YOUR success.  I'm so proud of each and every client. 

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