This Months Passers - August 2018

Here's the very latest passers.

Rachael Jones 13/8/18

Rachael, of Baildon passed FIRST TIME at Heaton test centre with just 5 minor faults. A cracking result. As I update this, I'm told she's just bought her first Car! Don't hang about Rachael.... !!


Well Done !

Lauren Harrison 14/8/18

Lauren or Idle received high praise for her drive from the examiner at Thornbury Test centre, passing FIRST TIME with just 2 minor faults.


A great drive. Now you CAN drive your car (When you can get it off your Grandad of course !) 


Safe Driving !

Cameron Smithurst 20/8/18

Its ANOTHER FIRST TIME PASS  this time it's Cameron Smithurst of Thackley passing with just 4 minor faults.


A cracking drive and extra pressure as the examiner was being assessed as well by the senior examiner in the back of the car!


A great drive and result, well done!

February to July 2018 Passers

More Happy Passers !

Jack Brocklehurst 6/2/18

A great start to the month, Jack achieved a FIRST TIME pass at Thornbury test centre on 6th February 2018.


Well done Jack !

Joe Finnegan 19/2/18

It's a huge well done to Joe Finnegan of Thackley who passed FISRT TIME at Heaton Test Centre on 19th February 2018. perfectly timed for his new job too!


Taylor Foley 14/3/18

Not long since his older brother Myles passed, Taylor did the deed at Thornbury Test Centre on 14th March 2018 with just 3 minor faults. Well done Taylor, Excellent result!

Reece Bellerby 23/3/18

A brilliant First time Pass for Reece of Swain House on 23rd March 2018 at Thornbury Test Centre. Well done !


Great to see him about on the roads of Bradford in his car.

Ross Stalley 7/6/18

Ross of Clayton Heights passed at Thornbury Test Centre on 7th June 2018, Great drive and fantastic result. 





Katie Collins 15/6/18

Katie of Eccleshill had a few tests with another instructor and came to me to help her pass, which she did with just 2 driving faults on 15th June 2018 at Heaton Test centre. (First test with me) She also got lots of praise for an "enjoyable drive" from the examiner ! Can't get better than that 'eh? 

Laura Donoghue 12/7/18

A great First Time Pass for Laura of Idle who passed at Thornbury Test Centre. Well done Laura, Great Result !

Rebekah Marshall 25/7/18

Timing was key as Rebekah was due to have a Baby, so a test pass was vital.


SHE DID IT!! and now can chauffeur her little bundle of joy around safely.


Well done !

January 2018 Passers

A Cracking start to the year with an AMAZING 100% pass rate.

Anna Whitehead 9/1/18

A fantastic FIRST TIME PASS to start the new year, its Anna from Shipley who passed on  9th January 2018 at Heaton Test centre.


Well Done Anna, a cracking start to 2018 !

Louise Ross 15/1/18

I have to say there were tears of Joy as Louise from Shipley passed on 15th January 2018 at Heaton Test Centre. What a result, lots of hard work has paid off and Louise has her wheels at last.


Safe Driving !

Cameron Dale 16/1/18

Another First Time pass, this time its cameron from Idle who passed at Thornbury Test Centre on 16th January 2018.


Happy Car shopping, and well done!

Dean Keeling 19/1/18

It was a well deserved pass for Dean from Buttershaw on the 19th January 2018 at Thornbury Test Centre. A great result. Well done Dean. 

Gabriel Zluky 31/1/18

Gabriel passed First Time at Thornbury Test Centre on 31st January 2018. A Magnificent drive and well deserved pass.

100% Pass Rate

I'm delighted to report that January 2018 achieved a 100% Pass rate on all tests taken. 


Well done everyone !

The BIG Passers Gallery !

It's all about YOU, and and YOUR success.  I'm so proud of each and every client. 

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