Did you know ?

There's a lot of things you might not know abot driving lessons and tests, here's some quick answeres to any questions you may have. if you have one that's not on here, just let me know !


You can:


  • Have the radio on during a lesson
  • Bring a friend or family member on a lesson - it's good practice having passengers.
  • Ask to change the lesson plan if you feel theres something you want to work on
  • Keep Asking - If you feel something is not clear, just ask.
  • Choose which Test Centre youd like to use
  • Have the radio on in a Driving Test - just ask the examiner


You can't :

  • ​​Bribe an examiner ! (or the instructor)
  • End your lesson more than a mile from where you started it ( I allow 15 mins betwen lessons)
  • Have a lesson if you have consumed alcohol less than 12 hours before the start of the lesson
  • Have taken illegal Drugs ( we are trained to spot them)
  • Have more than 6 points in the first 2 years after passing - you'll loose your licence


You have:


  • Access to Stress and Anxiety therapy online - and its FREE. Just ask Steve
  • Access to FREE Theort Ytaining Software.
  • A Grade A instructor, the highest there is. Only 31% of UK instructors achieve this level. *




  • Your instructor is self employed, he does not get paid for holidays or sickness, and if you cancel a lesson late, that slot can't be reallocated. Think before you cancel a lesson, give as much notice as you can, otherwise you may still be charged or loose your lesson slot as it will be reallocated to another pupil. Business overheads and a wage still has to be made, even if you decide not to have a lesson.
  • It takes the average learner 45 hours of Professional lessons PLUS 22 hours of Private practice      (with Mum and Dad or a partner for example). So, when your mate is telling you they passed with just 10 hours of lessons, sorry but they are lying to you! *







* Source = DVSA  ( Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)












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