How long should my lessons last?

The usual lesson Length is One and a Half hours, however One Hour and 2 Hour lessons too. Which is best?


There is so much on the DVSA curriculum these days, and as they say, experience cannot be taught, it has to be learned.


As I am an ethical practitioner, I teach people not just to pass a driving test, but much be a safe and confident driver for the rest of their lives.


I appreciate it is a significant cost, however, given the responsibility and seriousness of driving, it is money well spent on a true life skill that is with you for life, and can also save your life.


I don't give "cheap offers" like some schools, more importantly,  I pride myself on the quality of teaching and customer satisfaction.


So, why do I advocate 2 hour lessons?


Easy.... you get continuous and uninterrupted training, if something needs fixing, it doesen't have to be fixed a week later when the concentration or particular issue has been lost or forgotten.

Think of it this way:..........

What do you get for a 1 hour lesson…..? 
    10                  40                 10     

The 10 minute slots at the beginning and end of the hour relate to time taken to get in
the car, adjust the seat, mirrors, admin time etc etc. On a 1 hour lesson on average
you get 40 minutes driving.


What do you get for a 2 hour lesson…..?  

   10                            100                            10    

So, spending £44 instead of 2 lots of £24 you get 25% more driving time.
On average it takes 45 hours to pass a test, but taking two hour lessons, this can either
dramatically reduce this time or spending the extra time in lessons ensure a better
chance of passing.


So hopefully you will see the benefit and continued concentration benefits of 2 hour lessons. It REALLY works, as my passed clients will vouch for, plus on test day you will have a lesson beforehand and then the test, so you need to be able to drive and keep concentration for at least 2 hours as believe me, you will get tired towards the end of the test with nervous energy and focussed concentration. 


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