Driving Test Myths

We've all heard the rumours...."....driving examiners have a target to meet" and "......If they don't like you they won't pass you" etc etc.

There's lots of them, trust me I've heard them all! - and they are all absolute rubbish!

Learning to drive is a skill, a vital part of everyday life and something which we all cannot live without, so when learning to do it, you want the best....right?

Here's some facts:

  • Learning to drive is NOT about passing a test. Its about learning to be the best, not pass a 40 minute assessment by "luck" or "Chance".
  • Examiners treat each candidate exactly the same - There's no personal influence in the test, if you're good enough, you'll pass - simple!
  • There are no minimum or maximum number of lessons required to become test ready. Everyone is different and learns at different speeds, I will only suggest booking your practical test when you are at a standard where you have the ability to pass the test.
  • You only have ONE chance to pass your test first time. Most people who fail their test have been put in for it too early by their instructor, for the sake of a few extra lessons, you have a better chance of passing first time and not having to pay for extra lessons, more test fees and  more days off work/college. 
  • Passing your test first time is a fantastic feeling. This is my main focus and motivation, it's why I do the job! Together we'll work on achieving that goal, and with absolute transparent teaching methods, you'll see your development and progress and we'll agree together when its time to go to test.
  • Regular lessons are vital. A regular  time and day for learing and quality lessons make for success. No one ever failed a test for taking too many lessons, but lots have failed for taking too few! together we will strike the right balance.

I look forward to working with you.



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