Current Lesson Pricing

 Effective from 6th April 2018


 Driving Lessons For New Clients / Learners :-

  • 1 Hour Lesson - £25.00
  • 1.5 Hour Lesson - £37.50 - Our most popular choice !
  • 2 Hour Lesson - £50.00

DISCOUNTS - Buy in bulk and save !

  • 10 hour package - £230.00 -   Saving £20

  For Qualified Drivers :-


For ANYONE  aged 14 years and above :-




Some things to consider when comparing me to other instructors:
Please remember that Price is not the most important part of learning to drive 
I pride myself on quality and value for money and I offer a money back guarantee on all lessons.
If you are not happy in any way, tell me and I will offer that lesson for Free. 
You always get what you pay for. Cheap lessons are only possible if the instructor spends 50% of your lesson talking by the road side (saving fuel!) - I will ensure you cover lots of miles and drive in lots of areas you are not familiar with, to ensure that you can drive anywhere, not just because you drive the same old route lesson after lesson.
Beware of low piced offers -  a set number of lessons for a low price is common. You'll find that often they are from trainee instructors, or the offer is spread over time so 10 hours for £99 will include you first 5 hours at the start, then the remainder of the hours are redeemable when you're test ready! therefore "locking you in". 
I'm proud of my pass record and I'm proud of my reputation, therefore I don't give away silly offers, I give quality, value and above all, I teach you to drive for life, not just to pass your test.
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