Special Needs Driving Lessons

Everyones individial, and lessons from Steve White Driver Training are always planned and presented with YOU and YOUR needs in mind.




Many pupils are anxious, which is understandable - especially on test. The reason for Anxiety could be varied... Naturally anxious, previous poor instruction, historical car accident, there are many causes.


I have many tactics to help with this including full understanding of the test and what it's about, mock tests - so you experience a test beforehand on actual test routes and visiting the test centre so that it becomes a familiar place.


For extreme anxiety, patience, confidence and repetition are the key, and wll work at your pace until you're happy and confident. I have contacts with professional providers of certain therapies that may also help such as hypnosis, acupuncture, reflexology and Psychotherapy - all have been used and all have helped. 


ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions - ADHD, DYSLEXIA, DYSPRAXIA, FRAGILE X, 


One thing I've learned from my Pupils is that pupils with ASD make great drivers. 


Sure, there's challenges, however with a range of stratergies we can work together for a positive test. I have a very keen interest in ASD's and am constantly redeveloping my teaching skills in this area. With many passed clients who have Aspergers and related conditions such as ADHD, DYSLEXIA, DYSPRAXIA, FRAGILE X SYNDROME, there are always methods that suit each individual and one thing I've found is that, for example,  no one Dyspraxic pupil is the same as the last. Each is individual in needs and I relish the opportunity to tailor my work to benefit their individual learning needs.


Hearing Impairment.


I have taught many pupils who have Hearing impairments, ranging from deafness in one ear, partial deafness, tinitus to profound deafness.


I have a range of specialities in this area and am fluent in British Sign Language (BLS)  - my Brother is Profoundly deaf and I have been a BSL signer for uver 35 years.



Please contact me with your specific needs and I will be happy to come chat with you and your family members / parents about your driving needs. I aim to make EVERY part of learning to drive stress free, enjoyable and productive, but above all, tailored especially for YOU



For helpful handouts on any of the above special needs areas I cover - visit the Learning Zone on my website for downoads. 














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