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Here's what my "Passed" pupils have to say about their lessons. I really do try and make every lesson special and individual to the clients needs. We only learn well if the conditions are safe, relaxed, focussed and two way. 


Thank you so much to each client who took the time to write a testimonial, it means so much to me and also gives other future clients the confidence to make an informed decision into their lessons. 







"Steve not only taught me to drive, but made me learn to love it by making lessons fun, relaxed and
enjoyable in addition to extremely productive. safe to say I wasn't the easiest client for him as i tend to
panic and stress very easily, but he NEVER gave up on me and helped me every step of the way with both
driving skills and coping emotioanlly with stress and anxiety in both general driving and the test itself. 
Steve is someone who is highly commited to his job due to his passion and dedication for driving and
i couldn't have asked for a better instructor.THANK YOU STEVE !"
Lucy Cooke of thackley 

"Would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. Can not fault in any way, the
whole learning process and Steve's teaching was excellent"

Sam Montaut of Eccleshill 

"Steve is an excellent Driving instructor, unfortunately I went to someone else before him and  had issues
due to the instructor. 
The very forst lesson with Steve made me feel 1000X more confident driving as he directs you to a variety
of areas.
He always puts in the time for his students as I am at university and struggled for time. He made time for
me on weekends (when he doesen't normally work). 
I would highly recommend Steve to anyone, he is patient, calm, and his teaching stratergies never failed
on me. Thank you for everything."
Hannah Laverick of Eccleshill.  

 " Steve is an amazing teacher who makes lessons very enjoyable and informative. He cares about what
he does and this shines through in the lessons he delivers.
I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is interested in taking lessons.
Thank you Steve !!"
Bethany Town of Thackley 

"Fully enjoyedmy time learning with Steve, he has a very professional outlook on teaching whilst remaining
a lovely guy. I could not recommend a better driving instructor.
If you are thinking about taking lessons, do not hesitate to call Steve, you will not regret it."

Jack Hardy of Eccleshill 

"I cannot thank you enough for your time and patience. I always felt calm and relaxed and felt I could
ask you anything if I didn't understand or it didn't work as it should straight away.
I'm really going to miss lessons they were always so much fun, well until the test nerves kicked in LOL !
Once more, thank you for everything, i'm going to be completely lost without you."
Dawn Green of Fairweather Green  

 " I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Steve  As an older learner & mum of 3, I needed to find
an instructor who understood my need to be a safe competent driver. Steve spoke to me throughout my lessosn as he knew i would never drive in a quiet car. He made me feel safe and reassured me on how to correct me if things go wrong.
I feel like i have made a new friend in Steve and know i can rely on him in the future to continue helping
in car / driving related issues."

Ashlie Woodward of Bingley

"From the beginning, I was nervous andout driving and Steve put me at ease for my first lesson and
continued to do so. He consistently evaluated my strenghts and weaknesses, which worked well in lessons
to go over.
The Theory test software was very good - helping me get 50/50 which was amazing  - then it all just fit
into place one week and i understood driving. i passed my test FIRST TIME - testament to the lessons i
had and Steve's teaching methods.
He comes 100% recommended - he is the very best instructor !"
 Thank you so much Steve...
James Slater of Eccleshill

"Steve was always reliable and on time, with texts before every lesson so i always knew what was happening.
Lessons were always interseting, diverse and fun. I was taught to drive rather than for a test.
We went on a variety of roads including Bradford city Centre, at differetnt times meaning i faced many
scenarios. I feel that Steve's approach and lessons have made me a well rounded driver. Thank you so
much for all your patience and help, you completely put me at ease. i would definately recommend Steve
he is an excellent instructor.!"
Olivia Rostron of Idle 

 "I have really enjoyed the lessons and I you were always professional. The handouts were useful for me
to remember the Manouvres. i also found the Ipad demonstrations useful. 
Having the onboard cameras was excellent where we had to rewind errors made.
You were very encouraging and helped me to progress with time. I truly miss your car and will be back for
the Motorway training"
Mercedesz Brandt of Idle

" From the Very beginning Steve Helped me build my confidence and reassured me when I needed it.
I dont think I could have had a better instructor.
I looked forward to every single lesson as it made me feel as though I could do it and when taking my test,
Steve had 100% confidence in me !!.
I would definately recommend him to anybody!  
Thank you !"
Leolie Howlett of Windhill 

EXCELLENT ! - Patient and Understanding"

Connor Hargreaves 

" Steve was the best instructor i have ever met, he always helped me with even the smallest things. You
could talk to him anytime about anything. he's more like your best friend, he listens to everything you tell
him and does his best to make lessons fun.Without him i couldnt have done it."
Louise Myers of Girlington 

 "Every second of my learning with Steve was highly enjoyable, he is supportive and has an excellent

approach to driving instruction. Not only is Steve highly supportive in lessons, the tools provided through

his website gave you a great base to become  successful and increase your knowledge.

Without Steve and his approach I wouldn't have passed so quickly (9 hours of lessons) and with so few
driving faults. 
I highly recommend Steve, you will not regret it!"

Calum Wilcock of Fairweather Green

"I had previous experience with another instructor before going to Steve, he made me feel very comfortable
and made me gain confidence. Every lesson was good, covered a lot of different areas and worked on weak
spots until they were right.  I really am very happy I chose Steve to learn to drive with, I thouroughly enjoyed
my learning experience. Very Friendly, always professional and nice to see an instructor  not offering silly
prices just to rush you to a test. Overall, Highly recommended, EXCELLENT !!   " 

 Kayleigh Yates of Eldwick, 
  "I was very nervous and genuinely thought I'd never be able to pass my driving test because
of this. Steve made me feel very comfortable and didn't push me to do driving which I didn't feel
ready for. My confidence has grown so much as I was a nervous wreck before and I have Steve
to thank. I still can't believe I passed my driving test, never mind First Time ! " 

Amber Sanderson of Idle

"Very understanding and patient. made everything easy. One of the best instructors going."
Declan Swailes - Thackley

 "I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and learning to drive. I was made to feel at ease and given advice and
support where necessary. I passed my test first time which I was thrilled about anbd which I'm sure was down
to expert tuition which gave me confidence"
James Parkinson - Idle

"Steve is a very down to earth Instructor, he makes sure he has a compatible confident student. I would
recommend to anyone new or continuing lessons to use Steve's services. Communicates well with students
during and outside of lessons to give the best experience possible 5/5 "
Ashley Taylor - Eccleshill

" BRILLIANT ! - A fantastic, enjoyable experience. Very little stress involved considering. Steve's honesty
in making sure of a first time pass rather than making money was refreshing. Integrity, and professionalism
of the highest order.
Highly Recommended"
Dave Naylor - Wibsey

" Having experienced a previous instructor there really was no comparison ! Steve was a much better
teacher. I found Steve to be really patient - he explained everything in a calm and relaxed way, I enjoyed
the lessons and his good humoured approach to teaching driving skills. Thanks again !"
Neal Heard - Shipley

"I felt really comfortable throughout the whole learning process. I was confident I could ask you any
questions and voice any concerns, which I know you would talk me through until I understood.
I just want to thank you ever so much for teaching me to drive and helping me pass !"
Charlotte Booth - Undercliffe

" I had another Driving Instructor before Steve and I failed my Driving Test more than once which really
Knocked my confidence. When I went with Steve I told him about my previous driving experiences and
that I wasn't a confident driver. He really helped me with my confidence, taught me tips on chilling and
I feel so much more relaxed ast the wheel.  I passed first time with Steve and I wish I had him as my
Driving Instructor first time. I highly recommend Steve ! I have already! He's an Excellent Driving Instructor !!
Kirsty Jeffreys - Tong, Bradford

"  Steve is a really great instructor; the fact I passed FIRST TIME with only 3 minors is pretty solid proof of this !.
Steve was always only a call or text away during my lessons, and still is even after passing my test.
Lessons were always fun and never one dimensional, and Steve always treated me like a personal
friend rather than a customer.
He explained everything clearly and in detail, and used his knowledge to notice areas for improvement
early so that I didn't develop bad habits; the instructor car was great to drive as well!
All in all, it was a pleasure to learn to drive under Steve's tuition, and I'd be more than happy to recommend
him to all of my friends who are planning to start driving lessons (Even without the free twenty pound
vouchers for refering  a friend!)
 Nick Taylor - Eccleshill

"Excellent Teacher, aimed perfectly at my level of road understanding and driver ability.
At no time did I feel I could'nt do what was asked . 

Perfect level of banter to keep lessons perfectly relaxed and kept me looking forward to

my next lesson. FIRST TIME PASS - All down to Steve's lesson delivery style. Would highly

recommend this instructor.

Lee Parkinson - Idle

"From day one, steve made me feel 100% confident when I was driving. The whole driving experience
was explained in great detail. When taking my test, Steve made sure I knew if I had any queries, I could
give him a call whenever needed. I would definately recommend Steve to any friends or family members
as his service was excellent!."
Jade Rhodes - Eccleshill

"everything I have learned over the last year has been mind boggling, but Steve made it alot easier
to digest and understand fully. Steve White is the best driving instructor by far ! Very patient and
understanding and even added his own experiences in there too. I learned quickly and carefully, thanks
to Steve. Would be recommending him to others!"
Tony Williamson - Cookridge, Leeds.

"I thought all my lessons were very productive and made me the driver I am today. Steve is very
understanding and patient. Without Steve I don't think I would have passed first time. I would recommend
Steve to anyone. Class instructor !
Will Harrison - Cottingley

 "Steve is a Fantastic driving instructor. I previously had lessons with other instructors who made me feel
driving wasnt for me and they totally stripped my confidence, but Steve soon got thios back up with his
patience, encouragement and support. I enjoyed every lesson with Steve and will really miss our lessons
as not only did I learn so much from them, Steve also made them fun. Ive already recommended one
friend but will definately be recommending more. Thanks Steve for helping me pass 1st time."
Stef Hird - Shipley.

"I I thought it was a very efficient process and the learning was made easier with easy to remember
techniques and being asked what I thought my weaknesses were and what I wanted to work on"
Sam Bellas - Riddlesden

" The whole experience was an absolute pleasure, couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Kind,
Friendly and knew how to explain everything clearly. Every aspect of the lessons was spot on. Thanks
a lot Steve, couldn't have done it without you."
Darminder Singh - Wrose

"Lessons were always well structured and the Instructor (Steve) could always relay information and
knowledge effectively to myself. The learning experience was always a calm and progessive
atomsphere free from any pressure. Steve is an excellent instructor who I will recommend to anyone
Service, Knowledge, Fun, Active. The Best ! 10/10."
James Goodall - Apperley Bridge

"If I were to summarise my learning with Steve, in three words I would say Friendly, Professional, and
well equipped. The instruction was clear and concise and the whole Process was enjoyable in every respect.
Steve's approach was perfectly suited to anyone wishing to learn to drive with an amicably friendly  an
approchable instructor with a down to earth style ansd commited mentality"
Dom Daniel - Baildon
" Out of the three instructors I had, steve was the best. He gave good instruction and made me feel
comfortable and relaxed even when I felt I was in a difficult situation .....I couldn't have asked for a better
instructor, (Steve) gave me me confidence when driving, reassured me when i felt I was having trouble
doingg things and gave good clear instruction to improve my driving ability. Steve also helps you feel relaxed
on lessons through conversation and lets you do things in your own time instead of making you feel
pressurised. Also, in my experience with me having Cystic Fibrosis and not knowing if I am going to be
well from one day to another, steve was very flexible. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor." 
Matt Light - Bradford
"So happy jst got a photo of me when I passed my test and a key ring with it on can hold this memory for
ever now, thanks to Steve White. I reccomend Steve White Driver Training to everyone, he has done so
much for me, Im sure he will for everyone else."
Paul Davies - Bradford
"...I always looked forward to my Driving Lessons because you (Steve) was very helpful and
instructed me very well in order for me to pass my test. Even though it took a while to pass,
eventually I did it with your help and I am very grateful for your help. thank you! "
Michaela Knibbs - Bradford.
"...Great Teacher, Strongly Recommended!" 
Ryan Thacker - Northowram, Halifax.
"It has been lovely to see Grace looking forward to her driving lessons and buzzing when she came home,
a massive difference to when I learnt to drive. I knew immediately I wanted you to teach Grace. I will be
passing your name on to everybody. Thanks again. (parent of client) Passed with ONE driver error!"
Parent of Grace Underwood - Idle
" Steve is a patient (very helpful!) and knowledgeable instructor. I felt as though he was thorough and
specific in his instruction. He was as thrilled as I was when I passed too !  I'd highly recommend him to
anyone who wants to anyone who wants to take the time to correctly learn how to drive here. Thanks
for all of your encouragement and help. I'm feeling like an experienced driver here, now. I think of you often
as I'm driving and enjoying it. I'm loving driving, especially now with the new car!" 
Deborah Warren - Bradford
What an instructor! I will admit that at the beginning of my lessons it took me quite a while to get going because when it comes to driving I am unfortunately a slow learner with not a lot of confidence, but Steve changed that completely! He has the patience of an absolute saint and as said before, he doesn't focus on the bad things you do in a lesson once the mistakes have been corrected (which he solves in no time anyway!) He's a very optimistic instructor who made my driving experience with him all very relaxed, enjoyable and comfortable. Every friend of mine I have recommended Steve to as I think he's just brilliant! He got me a pass in my test first time! He puts all of his time and effort into teaching every one. When you do something right he really praises you for it- which is what you need to give you that boost in your confidence. He's also absolutely hilarious and feels more like a friend rather than an instructor! So much appreciation for Steve, Get in touch with him!!" - Claudia DuPlessis.
Claudia Du Plessis, Calverley
"Steve was my Second instructor - I feel sure I would have passed earlier had I had him from the start. I thouroughly enjoyed my learning. felt that Steve concentrated more on teaching driving skills, rather than just passing my test." - Phil Hesse.
Also - on Pass Plus - "Just wanted to say thanks for today (pass plus intensive course) Really enjoyed it and I've learned a lot. Now I want an Audi A3 !!!"
Phil Hesse - Idle
" From the first lesson to the last, it was always conducted in a professional yet friendly manner. When mistakes were made, in no way was I made to feel bad about it; it was taken as a lesson to be learned and how to avoid it in the future. I could always openly ask questions about things I was unsure of, even if already covered in previous lessons. Steve was willing and happy to answer anything that arose and was able to clearly explain topics I was unsure of. Overall I thouroughly enjoyed my instruction with Steve White and would Highly reccomend him as an instructor to anyone wanting to take lessons, from beginners to those just wanting recap lessons. Thank you, Adam McEvoy  !!"
 Adam McEvoy, Bradford


"Steve is a really good thorough and patient instructor. His sense of humour is great and made me feel confident after making a mistake by explaining how mistakes happen and fixing them so they don't happen gain. Really pleased that I passed first time too!" 
Really Happy (Name witheld)
"I had lessons with another instructor and found them really intimidating, so stopped lessons for about 6 months. Then I started lessons with Steve White, he quickly got me back to where I left off and built my confidence up by encouraging me. One thing I liked was that steve never says i made a "Mistake", they were all "Learning opportunities" which made me feel better and we worked on them together. I can definately recommend Steve as a driving instructor."
Katie, Bradford
"My Instructor (steve) was really thourough and patient with me., he explained things and didn't mind covering them again and again until I understood. I passed first time ! really pleased."
Alex, Bradford
"Steve's a very good and patient instructor. Much better than the other instructor's i've had! Very sensitive to the abilities of pupils too. He's an all-round great guy! Would definitely recommend."
Jane McEvoy - Allerton
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